2015 Reed_Habeas Writ and Judicial Misconduct of Doug Shaver – Contradictory Evidence By State of Texas

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals stay of execution Feb 23 20152015, 3-6 State Response to Reed’s Writ – Actual Innocence-2   (Statement by Texas CCA)

2007, 8-23 13th Court of Appeals of Texas – Def. Kim Stevens, Cook County TX, Lisa Tanner, Missy Wolfe, Bayardo, Dolinak  (Pages 23 – 24) Lisa Tanner discrediting Roberto Bayardo (as defense witness) over claim that anal dilation is sign of sexual assault)

2005, 6-1 Lisa Tanner – Bayardo Admission2015, 2-20 Complaint to Commission of Judicial Misconduct – Judge Olen Underwood – Reed Case – Redacted Fax-2 (Lisa Tanner blog on lack of credibility of Dr. Roberto Bayardo as a defense medical witness following his testimony in the Kim Stevens murder case)

2000 sleeping lawyer – -Judge Doug Shaver  (Judge Doug Shaver, the visiting judge who unlawfully (without oath and with illegal duel jurisdiction appointments) presided over Rodney Reed’s case after Judge Rita Towslee stepped down due to conflicting interest (her dad presided over the original trial) was a longtime prosecutor and judge known for allowing a defense lawyer to sleep through a capital murder trial of defendant  Frank McFarland, executed in 1998).

2015, 3-11 Secretary of State – No Oaths for Judge Shaver since June 2000  (Visiting Judge Doug Shaver, who has now been removed from presiding over the Rodney Reed case, signed no oath of office prior to hearing and denying Rodney Reed’s appeal for additional DNA testing and setting an execution date, as stated by the governor appointed 2nd Administrative Presiding Judge Olen Underwood

Reed_Habeas Writ_02122015  (Rodney Reed’s latest writ, including new medical analysis challenging time of death and additional confirmation of Rodney Reed’s relationship with Stacey Stites.

5 thoughts on “2015 Reed_Habeas Writ and Judicial Misconduct of Doug Shaver – Contradictory Evidence By State of Texas

  1. Danielle Center

    My heart brakes for this clearly innocent man and his family. I seen this story on A&E. Then read some of the things written. I have never cried so much. I wish there was something, anything I could do to help. I can only imagine the desperation his family feels. I had always wanted to go to Texas. My mother was born there. But i am so discussed by what the courts are doing in this case. And out of fear that just driving threw the state you maybe wrongfully accused of any crime they need an arrest on. I mean if they murder there own residents for crimes they don’t commit. What would they do to outsiders. EVERYONE needs to stay OUT OF TEXAS if they value there lives!!!! I just wanted to say Rodney and his family are in my prayers! I hope the State of Texas, and the governor, realize they themselves will be committing MURDER if they put this man to death. They may not be punished in this world for it. But they all will have to stand be4 God 1 day and answer for this clear cut case of MURDER they will be committing!!! I have 1 thing to say to all of you that are standing in the way of freeing that man. SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!

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