DNA Evidence, Field Notes and Articles

1998, 2-2 Ex-county lab director wins lawsuit Fired worker spoke of office flaws — Houston Chronicle

BastropAdvertiser_April10,1997_Arrest of Reed

Tyanna Tyler_Oct 4, 2001 Smithville Times Article



2001, 10-20 PIO Request for the Fax Cover Sheet for Wil Young’s May 13, 1998 Lab Report and Time Line Exchange with Attorney General Office-1

Bill Barbisch Affidavit May 8, 2012

1996, 4-24 Stacy Stites Autopsy, Toxicology and Related Reports – Travis Co, Bayardo

1996, 8-4, 1115 hrs Edward August Salmela Autopsy, Toxicology & Relate Reports

2002, 8-1 Affidavits-Rodney Reed Case-TX Ranger Rockie Wardlow

1997, 5-27 DPS Lab Report – Serologist Wilson Young – TX Ranger Wardlow Copy

1996, 4-24 David Board Investigation Report, Stacy Stites Murder Investigation

Kobe Bryant Hires Controversial DNA Expert AP Article_June 2004

Sample of Lisa Tanner's Handwriting in notes for Rodney Reed case Alleged Sample Of Elizabeth Johnson's Handwritten notes of DNA analysis in Rodney Reed case



(Public Record)

Littleton_vs_BastropCounty [Whistleblower Lawsuit Against Bastrop County and Sheriff Richard Hernandez]


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