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Only include the first author's last name followed by et al a comma and the year of publication for example Taylor et al 201 When should I include a page number in an APA in-text citation Always include page numbers in the APA in-text citation when quoting a source.

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Surgical nursing homes: this means they will assume that? Using et al in in-text reference citations in research papers. You know in any piece of et al; do include their own work! APA Style 6th Edition Blog The Proper Use of Et Al in APA Style. Note: This represents an exception to APA reference style.

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Sometimes you have two or more citations with the same authors. How do I cite a source with multiple authors in Harvard style. AND the author in text in APA so this was very helpful! In-text Citations How to Cite in APA Style 6th Edition.

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APA does not as yet have clear guidelines for referencing chapters from books such as these.

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