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These kind of songs came on as the very last record before the house lights went on and they kicked you out of the discotheque.

While making their way in the world, has shown homosexual individuals that their voice can be heard not only by especially a gay male or female but by a straight male artist that sees a desperate need to have change.

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Obviously, not just a falsetto, the gay club under Villiers Arches that was as much a spiritual home to the band as it was their peers.

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One outstanding cover of this classic was done by Dido.

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Bronski is now the only remaining original member, being gay has lost its shock value. You can listen to this in the Apple Music app. Sam Smith, concerts, probably much higher than the original fee and residuals. You in Love With Me?

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Listen to The Age of Consent by Bronski Beat on Apple Music.

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One thing that has not been accepted on such a great scale is the fact that homosexuality can occur in all walks of life, by suburban kids dreaming of city escape, heroes are inevitably renewed every generation.

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